Anger Management for the Office
How to Handle Incidents of "Office Rage"

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May 2007

Christopher Lisotta, for Yahoo! HotJobs

Recent research shows a welcome decline in workplace stress, but, like an unhealthy condition that never really goes away, the reality of workplace stress can still lead to uncomfortable situations at the office.

According to a study done by career coach Rachelle J. Canter and Opinion Research Group, there was a 15-point drop from 2000 to 2007 in the percentage of people who reported workplace stress is a problem for them at least occasionally. She also found that 16 percent of workers said this year that stress caused them to yell at a co-worker (down from 29 percent in 2000).

The overall atmosphere may have improved, but for workers stuck in an office with a co-worker who yells at them, damages property, or shows signs of "office rage," life is difficult. Canter defines office rage as "verbal or physical abuse that is out of proportion and inappropriate in a workplace setting."

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