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Make the Right Career Move teaches the skills, tools, and branding to make all the right career moves, whether your focus is finding a new job, moving up to a better job, or making your current job better. It makes job search and self-promotion smarter, helping readers land their dream job and realize the benefits of a better job faster. It's a career guide that belongs in the hand of every executive, attorney or professional - or any ambitious job-seeker, from new graduates to senior executives.
Creating any kind of change in your career can seem daunting, but following these five easy steps can simplify the process and empower you to create the desired change: (1) Take small steps to make big(ger) changes over time; (2) use a simple three-sentence career plan to guide your activities; (3) keep an accomplishment log to record quantified accomplishments on a daily or weekly basis; (4) calendar in small steps to further your career goals; and (5) remember that this slow-but-steady approach will give you the time and confidence to create and maintain the career change you want.
Sometimes the real obstacles to attaining our goals are not the ones we anticipate. When it comes to expanding career possibilities and making career changes, the biggest obstacles are the ones we don’t even see – namely, self-limiting beliefs that unnecessarily limit our options, vision, and confidence. This article outlines five simple steps to raise awareness of any limiting beliefs and help you overcome them to pursue your dreams: (1) Inventory your limiting beliefs about your abilities, your options, or your career in general; (2) Separate your beliefs from objective reality – which are true and which are just stories you have about why your career is where it is; (3) Define the hidden rewards or benefits of your limiting beliefs; (4) Define the hidden costs of your limiting beliefs; and (5) Turn the “cannots” of each limiting belief into “can-dos”, defining small steps that can move you from a limiting belief toward your career goals and toward a greater sense of power and confidence in your career.
The very idea of networking makes many harried women executives and professionals shudder, a major “should” for their careers that seems incompatible with over-burdened work and family schedules. Here are four simple steps to make your network work for you: (1) Expand your horizons to include networks that span volunteer associations, church or alumni groups, even Girl Scout den mothers. Build networks where you spend your time outside work as well as at work; (2) Overcome the “ick” factor. Rid yourself of the reflexive aversion women have toward “using” relationships. Your network is an invaluable source of information, assistance and support. Build your network consistent with your values, but be sure to build it; (3) Reciprocate. Powerful networks are two-way streets – build networks looking for ways to help others; and (4) Take action. Stop sitting on the sidelines bemoaning how your busy schedule prevents you from building your network. Take a small step this week to build your network wherever you are -- at work or outside of work -- and take another small step each week to begin putting your network to work for your career.
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